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Cutting edge technology delivering the most complete control solution in the industry.

  • Able to meet any custom application

  • Intuitive graphic-rich user interface

  • Access from anywhere via any standard Web browser

  • Unlimited user login seats/access

  • Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) - eliminates over-ventilation and ensures ample fresh air at all times

  • Economizer control and night-time free cooling to minimize mechanical cooling by using outside air

  • Heating and cooling lockouts prevent mechanical cooling and heating based on outside air conditions

  • Monitor and control ancillary equipment such as variable speed drives, lighting, and electric meters

  • Allows for remote troubleshooting

  • Setpoint control limits tenant adjustments

  • Advanced password policy and SSL for added security

  • Optimal start algorithm for conditioning space before occupants arrive

  • Web server can be used as user interface, commissioning and configuration tool


Use your secure-access portal from your browser to control your system units. Monitor and troubleshoot to avoid costly overuse or misuse.

air system controls

Custom floorplan graphics with Dynamic colors based on deviations to setpoint

Very flexible, hierarchical SCHEDULING  capabilities at the building, area, or zone level

Real-time, interactive Custom equipment graphics give users total insight and control

Sample points, and view multiple TRENDING graphs simultaneously to help monitor and troubleshoot your system

ALARMING is easily configured to notify personnel via email or text message about an issue in system.

The TOB application provides a convenient way to track and bill tenants for their after-hours consumption

ASSC is an iVu dealer and installer

ASSC helps deliver smarter buildings that reduce costs and add value. A smart building using digital control solutions that creates, comfortable work environments that reduce hvac operational costs, energy, and carbon emissions.

We bring control engineers, programmers, and installers to deliver a control system tailored to your building.

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