What We Do

Smart Buildings

Today’s buildings are smart. Think of all the technological advancements in the automotive industry over the past few decades, and relate that same technological advancement to how buildings are built today.


Buildings are now monitored, diagnosed, and in some cases repaired without the need to physically visit the site. In some cases, A.I. technology is used to optimize all functions of building systems.

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Image by Taylor Vick

Forward Thinking

As smart as buildings have gotten, the various HVAC systems have also gotten more sophisticated. Also, no two buildings are the same. We create the right blend of system selection and optimization to compliment the customer’s specific needs. Of course, we work hand-in-hand with the entire design team to blend and harmonize what we do with what they do. Good old fashioned teamwork.

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Build Before We Build

So once it’s been created, we need to take the design to the next phase. That means pre-fabricate. We use Building Information Modeling (BIM) to literally build all our systems on a computer in 3D. We use this BIM to talk directly to our fabrication machinery. Meaning we can pre-fabricate a good percentage of the work that gets installed during the construction phase. Which saves time. And time is money.

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Air Duct

Build What We Plan

By the time it’s time to build the building, all the kinks have already been worked out. A good design and a robust prefabrication plan pave the way for the least risky and most productive construction phase. Plan the work and work the plan. It’s that simple.

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Serve What We Build

Once the project is completed and the high-fives are over, there is still work to be done. Again, think in terms of the automotive industry. No one buys a brand new car and then ignores the required service and maintenance. That just leads to a car that breaks down and wears out way too soon. Same thing with your brand new building. It’s why we have a team of specialists to keep your building running smoothly and trouble-free for years and years to come.

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Image by Esaias Tan