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Sutter Data Center

Sacramento, CA


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Sutter Health currently utilizes our modified guaranteed maintenance for their data center needs. This program allows for small parts and items under a certain dollar amount to be replaced in a proactive manner to keep the facility up and running. The center has 25 Liebert units and 11 Trane units for its cooling needs. We also have a monitoring agreement in place and receive alarms on the equipment and respond immediately to any need. We have been the maintenance contractor of choice for Sutter Health Data Center since 2000. When Sutter had issues with the sound coming from all of its condensing units and its neighbors were complaining, Air Systems Service & Construction came up with a sound dampening device to lower the noise coming from the yard and keep Sutter’s neighbors happy.

  • Architect: Boulder Associates Architects
  • General Contractor: Unger Construction
  • Project Value: $329,600