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Marriott Residence Inn

Downtown Sacramento, CA


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The Marriott Residence is a fifteen (15) story building with a fully enclosed penthouse mechanical room on the roof. The three (3) top floors included thirty-three (33) independently owned luxury condos and eleven (11) floors with 235 hotel room suites. The first floor was a mixed use common space with a lounge, bar and full public restroom. Other building amenities included a full kitchen, gym, swimming pool, and two (2) full laundry rooms, one for in-house use and one for tenant and guest use. The mechanical and plumbing system included two (2) closed circuit cooling towers with associated pumps and miscellaneous appurtenances that completed system for the water source heat pumps. Two (2) boilers, four (4) pumps, two (2) storage tanks, and miscellaneous appurtenances for the domestic hot water system along with a separate 140° domestic hot water loop and mixing valve station to provide hot water to the kitchen equipment for sterilization for the dishwasher equipment. A triplex domestic water booster pump skid was also installed to serve the building. A fuel oil system was installed for the emergency back-up generator which included a main storage tank, day tank, pumps, leak detection and control system. There were also other supporting HVAC systems installed that served the stair pressurization and smoke control fans.

  • Architect: Johnson Braund Design Group
  • General Contractor: Halvorson Construction, Inc.
  • Project Value: $3,325,793