• Vannesa Vasquez

Job Openings: Project Coordinator- Roles & Responsibilities


The Project Coordinator aids their designated project team by performing various project controls and administrative support functions. The functions of the Project Coordinator include preparing and maintaining kick-off packages, start-up binders, submittal binders, close-out packages and other project booklets as required by Project Management. The project Coordinator prepares and maintains project start-up reports, files, logs and other documents as directed by their assigned Project Managers. The project Coordinator seeks mentorship from Project Managers and other project team members as appropriate.


1. The Project Coordinator has the following Primary responsibilities and duties.

· To provide administrative support to the Project Managers and Field.

· To perform the assigned work in a professional manner.

· To work with and assist the Project Managers in completing assigned jobs on schedule and within budget.

· To inspect kick-off packages, submittal booklets, reviewed submittals, PlanGrid, project controls reports and logs and other similar packages to assure they meet company standards and the specific requirements of the job.

· To abide by the policies, rules, and procedures as contained in the company’s Employee Handbook.

· To assist in coordinating procurement and purchasing of project materials and equipment.

· To assist in job labor tracking for the field.


· Bi-monthly review with supervisor to review performance.

  1. The Project Coordinator performs the following duties related to Construction Projects:

· Prepares and maintains Kick-Off Packages

· Prepares and maintains Submittal Packages and MC&P.

· Prepares and maintains O&M Booklets, Balance, and Start Up Reports.

· Prepares and maintains their assigned Project Folders, Reports, and Logs.

· Prepares and maintains progress photos on basis needed.

· Aids in requisitioning project materials, plans and or submittal information as directed by the Senior Project Coordinator or assigned Project Managers.

· Assists in the submittal process, including the generation of the Material Control and Procurement and the verification of equipment schedules and quote validation in conjunction with the Construction team for accuracy and completion.

· Delivers submittals, drawings, and operational manuals to the job sites as and when requested.

· Prepares and maintains RFI log and PlanGrid. Coordinates and distributes information to Project Managers, Detailers, and Field Construction Team.

· Assists the PM in the final close-out of all PO’s and Commitments as directed by their assigned Project Managers.

· Organizes and maintains their assigned project plans on the plan rack or plans for various projects as directed by their assigned Project Managers.

· Organizes and maintains the Submittal Library, the Start Up Library, and the O&M Library.

· Organizes and manages the archives, containing binders and related files of all completed projects.

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