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Job Openings: Estimator- Roles & Responsibilities


The Estimator provides the necessary Mechanical, Controls & Plumbing/Piping take-off documentation and assistance in developing designs, budgets, bid estimates and quotations in order to accurately complete the project estimating and bidding process at ASSC. The Estimator reports directly to the Estimating manager.


  1. ASSC Employees are excellent communicators. They listen and they respond. (they do not react.) They are clear in their language.

  2. ASSC Employees are customer focused. Both internal and external. They work to create the right processes and environments that support the customer.

  3. ASSC Employees build new skills. They are always seeking, adding, and honing new and existing skills.

  4. ASSC Employees improve the system they work in. They work hard to create successful environments, processes, and systems.

  5. ASSC Employees perform outside of their job title. They do what needs to be done to achieve success despite what is or is not in their job description.

  6. ASSC Employees follow through. They do what they say they will do.

  7. ASSC Employees become company smart. They understand the ins and outs of ASSC. They understand and hold up the company mission statement.


The Estimator has the following Primary responsibilities and duties.

1. To interpret blueprints, plans and specifications, bid documents and client instructions.

2. To make material and labor take-offs and pricing.

3. To prepare and review documentation for bid estimates.

4. To utilize and communicate with Bid Captains as necessary for review of bid documents.

5. To utilize and communicate with superintendents as necessary for review of estimates.

6. To utilize HVAC, Controls, Architectural Sheet Metal and Plumbing systems designs and specifications for preparation of bid estimates. As applicable to their discipline.

7. To maintain pricing data bases.

8. To prepare Estimating to PM handoff.

9. To prepare change order pricing and documentation as needed.

10. To review ASSC Design on DB projects.

11. To review and upkeep historical data.

12. To maintain and update estimating tracker and Pipedrive daily.

13. The Estimator is expected to be familiar with ASSC Software and to have the ability to personally prepare bids and general business correspondence.

14. The Estimator is expected to be a collaborating member of the project team.

15. The Estimator performs other duties as assigned by the Estimating Manager.

The Estimator has the following SECONDARY responsibilities and duties.

1. To review current material pricing with Purchasing Agent.

2. To provide HVAC and plumbing technical support to Project Managers.

3. To develop and maintain favorable and professional relationships with clients, vendors, suppliers, subcontractors and other related activities.

4. To make job site visits to review project installation as they relate to the estimates.

5. To provide job support to the project managers and field foremen, which includes bid estimates, job scope and other pertinent reports and data.

6. To attend post job meetings with the project team.

The Estimator has the responsibility to maintain thorough understanding and knowledge of the following:

1. General construction scheduling and procedures.

2. Uniform Mechanical and/or Plumbing Codes.

3. HVAC, Controls and Plumbing estimating and pricing techniques.

4. Building Department plan check and permit procedures.

5. New products and technology availability.

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