The Project Manager has the primary role of providing the leadership, planning, organization, control, coordination, and direction of project management to meet the profit and growth objectives of Air Systems Service and Construction.


  1. ASSC Employees are excellent communicators. They listen and they respond. (they do not react.) They are clear in their language.
  2. ASSC Employees are customer focused. They work to create the right processes and environments that support the customer.
  3. ASSC Employees build new skills. They are always seeking, adding, and honing new and existing skills.
  4. ASSC Employees improve the system they work in. They work hard to create successful environments, processes, and systems.
  5. ASSC Employees perform outside of their job title. They do what needs to be done to achieve success despite what is or is not in their job description.
  6. ASSC Employees follow through. They do what they say they will do.
  7. ASSC Employees become company smart. They understand the ins and outs of ASSC. They understand and hold up the company mission statement.


The Project Manager has the following Primary responsibilities and duties:

  1. The Project Manager is responsible for assisting in the review of project design and verifying that the scope of work is adequately represented, assisting in all project scheduling and milestones, ensuring that all equipment and materials are on the job site when needed, identifying, and resolving obstacles related to the project, closing the in accordance with contract specifications and schedule. Completing project within budget.
  2. Accepting and managing project assignments as determined by the Construction Operations Manager.
  3. Working with the Superintendent and/or Project Foremen in providing a clean, secure and safe work environment for all personnel working on assigned projects, and a safe environment for the community.
  4. Interaction with clients both project specific and industry events.
  5. Ethical standards and goodwill of Air Systems Service and Construction as it pertains to assigned projects.
  6. Actively maintains personal contact with key accounts.
  7. Assists in maintaining customer relationships with key clients and generally participating in the marketing and sales functions.
  8. Collaborates with Estimating in the preparation and delivery of bids.
  9. Accepts and manages project assignments as designated by the Construction Operations Manager.
  10. Coordinate with Senior Project Coordinator to develop project team.
  11. Develops and maintains project schedules of assigned projects and works with the General Superintendent and Project Foremen to incorporate them into the overall company schedule.
  12. Oversees submittal preparation.
  13. Establish clear warranty terms with both vendors and owner.
  14. Oversees and assists with preparation and implementation of Labor Productivity Tracker.
  15. Monitors each project they are assigned, to assure that it is completed on schedule and within the budget.
  16. Meets with and fully coordinates the information flow between the appropriate construction, engineering and estimating personnel on each project before construction work is initiated through kick-off meetings at the critical stages of each project. Provides feedback to each team on the results of issues related to the execution of the project.
  17. Schedules Strategic Planning Meeting with project team to establish overall project goals.
  18. Reports and forecasts project status monthly to Construction Operations Manager and Controller.
  19. Frequently reviews the planned vs. actual project scheduling and cost to ensure these items remain under control, and that immediate action is taken to correct the situation should problems develop. Provides feedback to the appropriate teams on these actual results of each project.
  20. Implements procedures outlined in the Standard Operating Procedures for change orders.
  21. Establishes and implements a system that ensures a review of all change orders, and an effort will be made to have an authorized client signature on all Change Orders prior to starting work related to the Change Orders.
  22. Provides data and general assistance to Accounting for invoicing customers and contracts in progress for work done on projects and provides collection assistance when necessary.
  23. Takes reasonable action to assure adherence to all applicable laws, regulations and other official acts issued by federal, state or local governments or agencies.
  24. Reviews, and revises if appropriate, his personal job-related objectives and evaluates the achievements of such objectives each quarter.
  25. Reviews manpower level adjustment requirements with labor managers and field management and have appropriate action taken. Tracks project manpower with superintendent and/or foreman.
  26. Provides direction and guidance to foremen to ensure project labor budgets are measured and maintained on an ongoing basis.
  27. Provides direction and guidance to foremen regarding production targets and goals.
  28. Coordinates with superintendent to review and approve/disapprove the use of out of town manpower to meet peak load of local work.
  29. Maintain an ongoing plan for meeting peak load manpower requirements with superintendent.
  30. Develop with Foremen an exit plan on each project. Schedule on-going exit reviews/updates.
  31. Work with project management team and accounting team to ensure complete project closeout. Review closeout package.
  32. Once a project is complete, schedule project closeout meeting to review performance, lessons learned, labor tracker and anything else related to the specific project.
  33. Participate in Bi-Monthly Strategic planning, Manpower review and team organization with other Projects Managers and Senior Project Coordinator.


An Equal Opportunity Employer

ASSC is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.