Air Systems Service & Construction is continually seeking new methods, improvements and advances in our fabrication processes. Subsequent to having adopted a just-in-time delivery philosophy several years back, our productivity and output have achieved levels never before reached. Utilizing a “flex space” concept, we are able to adapt and adjust to optimize whatever type of product demands hit the pipeline. From welded carbon steel to plumbing assemblies to finish kits in our pipe shop, and light structural components to rectangular & round duct to architectural metal in our sheet metal shop, we are practiced at rapidly shifting our focus to the need at hand.

In terms of pre-fabrication, it is our intent to optimize and maximize in every facet possible. Some of our past successes relative to optimization have been with VAV assemblies, duct sectioning, core toilet rooms, in-wall plumbing assemblies such as lavatories & shower, plumbing finish and trim….just about any repeatable component of the project. The only limiting factors are size and weight – if we can physically ship it, handle it and place it where it belongs we will pre-fabricate it.

Fabrication Team Overview