Natomas East is a 345,000 square foot, twelve (12) story mid-rise office building, both core and shell with a full penthouse. The roof-top mechanical system consisted of two (2) 395 ton chillers, two (2) 3,000 MBH heating hot water boilers, three (3) cooling towers, two (2) 1,185 GPM and one (1) 500 GPM. The site has a street level service yard that stores a 14,000 gallon fire water storage tank that serves as the irrigation supply for the landscaping. This tank is filled from the blow down water off of the cooling towers that would normally go to a drain. The sanitary drain, waste, vent systems as well as the domestic water systems have low flow and waterless fixture design that falls in line with the LEED requirements for this project. Site area is approximately fifteen (15) acres. This building has achieved LEED Gold status.

Architect: LPA, Inc.

General Contractor: HMH Builders, Inc.

Project Value: $4,370,000